Candle Making, Take 1

Who doesn’t love the smell and aura of a burning candle? 

I make votive candles from already burnt or broken candles, old wax, crayons, scensy bars, and other materials. I buy my wicks with the anchors already attached and pre cut off of Amazon

I have 8 votive molds, and some glass vases that I use as pillar molds. I mix scents and colors, and love creating my unique candles.

My next batch of candles will probably be a citronella batch, as I have some old garden stake candles that need to be refurbished. Check back soon to see my candle making process in action!

5 thoughts on “Candle Making, Take 1

      1. The votive molds I put in the fridge to accelerate the setting process. They slip right out of the tin molds without any problem. The glass “molds” I use for my pillars I warm up using hot (not boiling) water. Those take a bit of coaxing, but it works for me. Make sure the candles are completely cool before removing from the molds.


    1. If you are using crayons, adding additional candle wax and scent would be a good idea as the pigments in crayons tend to smell strongly like…crayon?

      Crayon candles do tend to smoke a bit more than regular candle wax as well.


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