The Power of Fire

This morning when I woke up and looked outside, my first thought was “hmmm… the sun’s still not out… and it looks a bit hazy this morning.”

As I progressed with my morning routine, I started smelling the smoke coming in through the open windows, and I realized that this smoke was thicker than I expected.

It wasn’t until I got outside on my way to work that I realized just HOW MUCH smoke there really was in the air… and after a quick check with CBC Radio, I confirmed that the smoke was from the BC wildfires, and was going to be sticking around the area for awhile.

It’s amazing the reach that fire has… both in power and destruction as a force of nature, and the diversity of uses it has in our everyday lives. Everything from the lights we turn on, the heater in the basement, the stove… then there are the open flames, like candles, campfires, torches and barbecues… there are lots of tools in the kitchen, shop and artroom are governed by heat or fire.

One of the tools I would love to learn more about is a wood burning torch. I have seen many beautiful projects created or accented by these versatile instruments, and I look forward to getting one for myself to create with.

I also love the process of candlemaking, and relaxing in the aura of those candles on winter nights when their warm glow creates a cozy feeling wherever they are placed.


I have also created a box of very basic fire starters for our camping trips… I collect empty toilet paper tubes, stuff them with dryer lint, and fold the ends in so they are portable. I may also add wax to them in the future, but I need to figure out how to do so in a mess free way…


Fire is a source of heat, light, and a mix of calming and invigorating energy. It is fun to play with, the secret is to not get burned….

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