Hi there! my name is Rachel.

What is ART in your opinion? Art can be many things… it can be the paintings in the gallery downtown, the graffiti on the bridge just out of town, the dancing that your daughter does every Thursday, or the deafening noise your son makes in the garage on the weekends with his friends.

MY version of art has many forms: putting some music on for inspiration in the kitchen, trying a new recipe, and watching people enjoy my hard work; planting an almost straight row of beans in the garden, or picking all the apples off of a tree, and seeing the fruit of my labours. Art also comes in the form of painting, coloring, candle making, woodworking projects, and so many other things… My interests and passions range from food, to plants, to photography, to small craft projects, to upgrading old pieces of furniture, and so many other things that I cannot mention them all.

Check back often for articles on all of the topics mentioned here. Occasionally, I will have guests on board to give their input and ideas as well.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks so much for the follow. I find art to be all around us.its in the shapes of trees, in a flower arrangement, in a sunset and sunrise….I love art and am very much into creating things. I have another site you may enjoy that is all crafts at jeanetteseasycreations.wordpress.com
    Have a blessed day


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