Welcome one and all! This space is reserved for wild creativity, both inside and outside… We are all explorers here!

I have 3 main areas that I wish to examine: 





Within these 3 categories are MANY different types of projects. For example, the KITCHEN could be a bakery, a lab, a pizzeria, and a processing plant. Likewise, the CRAFTING CENTER could be a painting studio, a woodworking shop, a kids zone, or one of Santa’s secret hideouts…

Come with me, as we rummage through the drawers and files of what COULD be done, and make it a reality before our very eyes. Lets check off some of those projects that we have hiding on our Pinterest boards, our marked magazines, and our files of ideas that never seem to make it back to the drawing table.

Together we can explore, make mistakes, and learn what works and what doesn’t. In the process, we can make our world a better place for everyone!

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