Christmas Prep Week

This weekend, I put all of my fall decorations away, and pulled out several bins of my christmas decorations. I found the lights, tinsel, wall hangings and wreaths, and what I have left of my christmas tree ornaments.

I started putting a few things up inside the house, and made plans to string the outside lights this week sometime.

I also processed the last of the pumpkin, so I can make cookies and other things with it through the winter season.

The tree will probably go up late this week, with all of the other decorations preceding it. Watch this week for my snowflake display tutorial, as well as several different cookie recipes.

This year is about making new traditions and starting new memories. I love the weeks in the end of november and the beginning of December, as they are all about preparation, and the hustling bustling spirit of christmas is so easily caught, felt, and passed on to others.


New House



Today marks the first step towards a new life….

Aww, who am I kidding? I’m MOVING!! In exactly a week, I will be hauling boxes and furniture through the door of my new house. I am looking forward to new experiences, new church family, new school for my daughter, new job, and new projects in the kitchen and my craft center!

I have spent the last few weeks making BIG plans. I need to measure out plots for raised garden beds next year and build them, figure out where to put pots and plots of flowers… I need to design a herb garden, and set up a herb drying station inside as well… and make lists of what I would like to plant. I also need to get some of the bulbs that I bought into the ground fairly quickly, so they will have the time they need to bloom in the spring.

Inside, after my kitchen is unpacked, things will be just as exciting! There is frost in the air, which means my baking spidey sense has been activated. Shortbread, snickerdoodles, white chocolate and candy corn cookies, breads and loaves of all kinds, and my favorite (and everyone else’s too) BANANA SPLIT PIE…And I haven’t even gotten to dinner yet!

I will also be undertaking some upgrading projects, like turning a dresser into a front entrance bench, with hooks and cubbies and a place to sit.

First things first… I need to get moved in and settled. Expect to see updates on these projects and more very soon!