Candle Making, Take 1

Who doesn’t love the smell and aura of a burning candle? 

I make votive candles from already burnt or broken candles, old wax, crayons, scensy bars, and other materials. I buy my wicks with the anchors already attached and pre cut off of Amazon

I have 8 votive molds, and some glass vases that I use as pillar molds. I mix scents and colors, and love creating my unique candles.

My next batch of candles will probably be a citronella batch, as I have some old garden stake candles that need to be refurbished. Check back soon to see my candle making process in action!

My Crafting Center

I was lucky to move into a house with a sunroom… an extra space that I could create things at my own pace. This room has become my crafting center.


I have supplies here for candle making, sewing and mending, making epsom salt blends, coloring, and miscellaneous paper crafts.


I have supplies here to do seasonal displays around my house as well. River rocks, colored marbles, baskets, leaves, and flowers, both dried and silk.


On the other side of the room, I have gift wrapping supplies and my stash of greeting cards and envelopes, painting, glitter, pottery, ribbon, string, tape, wool, and so much more.


This is my organized mess of art supplies, craft ideas, and a few unfinished projects. As I find time, I will organize, create, and muddle through new ideas here.

*editors note* If you see something in my supplies that you have questions about, or if you see an idea you would like to develop, please let me know!

Herb Drying… Take 2

After about 2 weeks of drying, my lovage leaves are ready for stage 2.

They have been lying in my dad’s greenhouse on a sheet of plastic, slowly drying into their crumbly wonderfulness… now they are ready to be turned into the flaky powder that is a great addition to soups and stirfries.

IMG_0001 (2).JPG

I set up my workspace with 2 pails and a strainer. The leaves would have to fit through the holes in the strainer before I would be happy:

IMG_0002 (2).JPG

I crushed small handfuls into the strainer, and continued to work the leaves between by fingers to produce a fine dust (yes this is dusty work).


From a 4 liter ice cream pail full of dried leaves, I produced about 2 cups of finished product. I double sifted the herbs, then filled up my spice jars.


From the plant to the spice rack, it doesn’t take as much effort as one may think to produce your own herb blends. For this year, Lovage (maggi plant) is all I will be doing. Next year, I plan a whole lot more…

Finished Product

New House



Today marks the first step towards a new life….

Aww, who am I kidding? I’m MOVING!! In exactly a week, I will be hauling boxes and furniture through the door of my new house. I am looking forward to new experiences, new church family, new school for my daughter, new job, and new projects in the kitchen and my craft center!

I have spent the last few weeks making BIG plans. I need to measure out plots for raised garden beds next year and build them, figure out where to put pots and plots of flowers… I need to design a herb garden, and set up a herb drying station inside as well… and make lists of what I would like to plant. I also need to get some of the bulbs that I bought into the ground fairly quickly, so they will have the time they need to bloom in the spring.

Inside, after my kitchen is unpacked, things will be just as exciting! There is frost in the air, which means my baking spidey sense has been activated. Shortbread, snickerdoodles, white chocolate and candy corn cookies, breads and loaves of all kinds, and my favorite (and everyone else’s too) BANANA SPLIT PIE…And I haven’t even gotten to dinner yet!

I will also be undertaking some upgrading projects, like turning a dresser into a front entrance bench, with hooks and cubbies and a place to sit.

First things first… I need to get moved in and settled. Expect to see updates on these projects and more very soon!