Winter Wonderland… At Night

Nothing is better than a delayed winter… nothing except the 3rd significant snowfall of the season being a large flake, no wind, Christmas spirit wonderland.


I needed to get some shopping done earlier in the evening, and surprisingly it WASN’T busy in the stores. But I did hear my first Christmas Carol of the season, and it put a smile on my face.

Later, as I was driving and watching the snow fall, I decided I wasn’t ready to go home just yet, so I headed for the park downtown, took my camera and took some night time snowfall shots.

Other than the snowy vortex of doom while highway driving at night in the winter months, along with slippery sidewalks and roads, and the wind that causes chills that make old bones rattle, there is so much to smile about when the snow flies.

I love snow, especially at night. Everything sparkles, and once you get cold, you head inside for some mint hot chocolate, crisp apple cider, and warm hugs.

Backyard Planning


To the yard! …Wait, it’s a big patch of grass with a few trees scattered here and there… LET’S IMPROVE!

First off, what do I want? Well lets see… a half decent sized vegetable garden would be a good start, with a herb garden area set aside from the main vegetables. Then, a flower plot, maybe with a water feature and some rock detailing off in another area…

I have plans to build the raised beds for the vegetables and fill them with dirt this fall, as well as map out where and how I would like to place my herbs. I would like to find plans for a slotted compost bin as well, but I will make that this winter to set up in the spring.

The flowers and rock garden will be a progressive project, with the bulbs being planted this fall, and a mesh of ideas still needed to be sorted through