Christmas Prep Week

This weekend, I put all of my fall decorations away, and pulled out several bins of my christmas decorations. I found the lights, tinsel, wall hangings and wreaths, and what I have left of my christmas tree ornaments.

I started putting a few things up inside the house, and made plans to string the outside lights this week sometime.

I also processed the last of the pumpkin, so I can make cookies and other things with it through the winter season.

The tree will probably go up late this week, with all of the other decorations preceding it. Watch this week for my snowflake display tutorial, as well as several different cookie recipes.

This year is about making new traditions and starting new memories. I love the weeks in the end of november and the beginning of December, as they are all about preparation, and the hustling bustling spirit of christmas is so easily caught, felt, and passed on to others.


Planting the Bulbs

It is hard to believe that it is already November. It’s only weeks till Christmas, and then a long winter ahead. After winter, spring will come again, and planting season will start once more. But there are some plants that can weather the frost  and cold, and survive in the ground all winter, to show their faces first in the spring.

IMG_0009 (2).JPG

I planted my bulbs this weekend. Looking at the plot I wanted to put them in was a little bit daunting at first, because it was filled with leaves and weeds, was uneven and needed a bit of work to prep for the flowerbulbs.


I cleared all the debris, pulled out the weeds, and cleaned up the leaves, and levelled the ground as I went, using a garbage bag to keep mess to a minimum. I used a small rake to loosen the soil and collect the leaves and twigs.


After I finished clearing the plot portions that I wanted to use, I replaced the stepping stones, and planned my smaller dig spots. I ended up planting in three different areas. One was a mixed bag of tulips, hydrangeas, and other bulbs, another spot was strictly for crocuses (my favorite). The last dig spot was for the yellow tulips, and planting them all didn’t take very long at all after the ground was prepared.


Now I will need to wait for spring to come to see the flowers themselves, but the hard work is done. Planting bulbs is one of the last chances in the year to get my hands in the soil outside. I am looking forward to a new growing season, beautiful flowers, and eventually, a brand new harvest to work away once more.